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Download Windows 10.ltsb – Reddit post and comment search – SocialGrep

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Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC .Microsoft has removed the “use offline account” option when installing Windows | Hacker News

Which windows 10 Ltsc/Ltsb version to download? I have been using windows 10 ltsc for so long and absolutely love it! Can’t seem to find a good noob quide and download link for getting Windows 10 LTSB. I remember i followed a guide once before and it worked.


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The job description states that Microsoft Managed Desktop is a new, per-user subscription service that enables customers with devices that can take advantage of the latest productivity tools and technologies in a secure, monitored, and supported IT environment. There has been no official confirmation from Microsoft, but it is expected that it could introduce this service on the Surface devices initially, before slowly rolling it out across all other business devices, including desktop PCs.

It is believed that this could be a great option for users wanting stable operating systems without bugs and software incompatibility issues. Microsoft has reopened an early access programme for Windows Insiders, meaning those who register for the scheme can gain access to the company’s latest OS feature updates before anyone else, even early-stage testers. The company’s Skip Ahead programme opened temporarily yesterday, but it isn’t open for long – once the vacant slots fill up, it will close once more.

WindowsInsiders can now choose to “skip ahead” to the next feature update of Windows 10,” Microsoft wrote on Twitter. Although the Skip Ahead scheme already existed, the Microsoft announced a few weeks ago it planned to revamp its existing system and anyone who had already signed up would need to re-apply. However, all is not lost for those who pre-registered; those who had applied would get first dibs on the new scheme by hearing about it first in the Fast Ring.

Microsoft has revealed details of its first update to Notepad for the first time in years, following the announcement the company has updated Windows Console and added the Linux command line to Windows Microsoft says it has received requests from users to display line and column numbers when word-wrap is enabled.

This is now possible, with the status bar visible by default – but you can turn it off in the settings if you don’t want it on display all the time. The new features will appear in the Redstone 5 Windows 10 update, which includes a bunch of other improvements for Microsoft Edge, remote desktop, and Windows sign-in, due to land later this year. The build, , replaces previous build and comes with a range of new features.

Microsoft said in a new blog post that there are improvements to its Edge browser with per-site media autoplay controls that allow users to control autoplay permissions on a per-site basis under the “Website permission” section of the Website Identification pane. The firm has also added a new dictionary function so users can look up definitions for keywords when reading a page or document. There are improved toolbar options for Edge’s PDF Reader, which will now show text descriptions for the icons to make them easily understandable.

Notepad will now remember previously entered values and the state of checkboxes and automatically populate them the next time users open the find dialog.

The new build of Windows 10 enables users of Azure Active Directory and Active Directory and Windows Hello to use biometrics to authenticate to a remote desktop session. It has also introduced web sign-in to Windows 10 as a new way of signing into a Windows PC. That’s in addition to faster sign-in to a Windows 10 shared PC that will help users that share computers to access their accounts more quickly.

The software giant has also enhanced its Windows Defender Application Guard, introducing a new user interface inside Windows Security in this release. The tech giant has used AI to monitor characteristics of Windows devices that had the fewest issues when updating their operating systems for the Fall Creators Update, but said it “substantially expanded” the scale of its machine learning model to help teach the system to identify the best devices to update first with the April Update version This approach has enabled the company to spot issues during deployments of the latest update, and rapidly respond with a fix.

Data from the AI model is used to indicate whether a device is infected and prevents it from being updated, allowing for a thorough check. Once the issue is solved, the update is sent out again. Microsoft said this allows it to fix updates to customers without them needing to take action.

It also lets Microsoft see when the update itself is buggy, which is exactly what happened when Microsoft paused the April Update rollout after noticing the update was causing PCs to suffer the ‘blue screen of death’, or reboot problems, within 24 hours of it occurring.

Avast immediately released a fix to prevent this issue from further occurring, enabling us to continue to safely roll out the April Update to those devices. Version is now fully available for all devices, Microsoft said, and it is offering businesses “the same targeted approach” to understand which devices to update first when enterprises perform their semi-annual update.

As a result of its AI model, Microsoft claims the April Update to be the fastest version of Windows 10 to reach million devices, hitting the milestone in half the time of the Fall Creators Update. Earlier data showed that the quality of the April update is exceeding earlier versions of Windows 10 in both reliability and performance.

Microsoft’s internal customer support teams are also seeing a continued reduction in call and online support requests for Windows 10 with the April update. This has resulted in the update being broadly released automatically to all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide, Microsoft said. Microsoft should compensate Windows 10 users who still experience issues first flagged to it in , according to Which?

More than half of 1, Which? It has demanded that Microsoft improve the visibility of its free support services, and Microsoft is meeting with the consumer rights publication to discuss how it can fix Windows 10 issues for free.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Which? The vendor is also under pressure from Which? The survey came before the April Update, and with Windows 10, users must stay current with updates to continue to receive security patches – even if an update could break their computer. Consequently, Which? Microsoft is pushing more and more of its user base to adopt Windows 10, having yesterday revealed plans to withdraw technical support for community forums around Windows 7, 8.

Microsoft has released its Windows 10 Insider Build for members of the Windows Insider program, ushering in a suite of tweaks for the ever-evolving operating system. The Microsoft Edge browser, which comes built into Windows 10, has been given a nip and a with it gaining the Web Authentication API Preview, which allows users to log into websites using Windows Hello and other authentication techniques. For people who like using Windows 10 Remote Server Administration Tools, the new Insider build means they’ll no longer need to download it first and can instead install it through the Manage Optional Features’ segment of WIndows 10 settings.

To tackle any privacy concerns, the latest Insider build will now display a screen after users upgrade to it that provides a one-stop-shop for people to setup the various new options WIndows 10 has gained over time and review the devices it can connect to.

A whole host of fixes and improvements have also been made to WIndows 10, including bugs that caused crashes when using the Cortana virtual assistant and some apps missing in the pinned’ and recent items’ in the Windows 10 taskbar. Many of these tweaks will eventually make their way out of the Insider program and into the standard version of WIndows 10, either through a series of small updates or one major update.

Problems discussed on a Microsoft blog explain it could crash machines and force them to enter a UEFI screen after rebooting.

The company explained it was working closely with OEMs and directly with Intel to rectify the issues, but blocking them from receiving the update seems to be the best short-term solution at present.

If it’s too late and the update has broken your computer already, you can roll back your machine to the previous version of Windows 10 Windows 10, version instead.

To do this, you must hold down F8 while starting up your computer and restore from a previous version of the operating system. Last week, it was revealed the update could also cause black screen issues for other machines. Experts think KB is the problem, which too can be fixed by restoring from an older version of the OS. The Windows 10 April update is breaking some critical PC features, including the microphone, speakers, mice and other peripherals and web browsers of Windows machines.

And when we say breaking, it means those features won’t work at all, rather than just being glitchy. The revelations were discussed on German website WindowsUnited , which has come to the conclusion that the problems may be caused by unsupported drivers.

It listed some of the problems included speaker settings being reset without the user giving permission, the mouse failing to respond properly, with some users saying there was some lag after installing the update and the Alt-Tab shortcut not working. Other Windows 10 users said they were receiving notifications saying that some of the new features were restricted to the Windows Insider Program users, despite not registering for the scheme.

It’s not just third-party apps and services on the blink either. Edge seems to be causing issues, with context menus missing from the taskbar for some people and microcode updates missing. As is the case with most major updates, it’s probably a good idea to wait until the bugs are fixed before installing it on your computer and risk breaking it.

Microsoft’s April update to its Windows 10 operating system has now been released, over a week after it was initially slated to appear. The first of a biannual set of updates, the patch brings a host of new additions to the platform, including a feature called ‘Timeline’. This search tool allows you to look back through 30 days’ worth of searches, documents, files and folders to find the information you need.

For example, if you performed an internet search two weeks ago and need to re-look at the information, you can do so. If you need to refer to changes made in a document last week, you can use Timeline to roll back to when you made the changes.

As long as you were signed into your Microsoft account at the time and are using Microsoft Edge or Office , you can use timeline on your iOS or Android phone when you get back to your Windows 10 PC. The second major addition is Focus Assist. Designed to boost productivity, it stops you being distracted by things like social media, email notifications, breaking news stories and more, blocking anything unrelated to the task at hand from going through.

You can turn on Focus Assist when you need to concentrate or at set times through the day and when you’ve finished, you’ll receive all your notifications in one place. If you’re waiting on an important phone call or email to come through, you can now allow them to filter through, so you don’t miss anything important when you’re head down. Microsoft Edge has also experienced a few new updates. You can mute tabs if they’re playing sound, expand windows showing things like PDFs, books and other viewing material to full screen with a click and autofill shopping forms.

There’s also a new Dictation mode for those who would rather talk to their PC than type. Windows 10 will now allow you to read out what you’d like to note down and it’ll convert your thoughts into text. Other, less hyped, features launched in the April Update include the ability to send content to nearby Windows 10 devices, send a webpage across Edge devices for example from your PC to your iOS device if that’s your chosen browser and an update to the Cortana voice assistant so you can control smart home equipment from your PC.

A simplified version of Windows 10, codenamed Windows 10 Lean, was spotted in last week’s Redstone 5 preview build. Though Microsoft made no official announcement, Twitter user Lucan posted his discovery on Twitter , also noting that a comparison of Windows 10 Pro and Lean reveals 50, missing files. Backed by screenshots of the preview, Lucan also believes that Windows 10 Lean will still be able to both run Universal Windows Programs and traditional Win32 applications. Microsoft has reduced the size of this Windows update by 2GB, appearing to cut older features it thinks a low-end device doesn’t need: Internet Explorer, Registry Editor, Windows Media Player and desktop wallpaper.

It seems to be geared towards tablets and laptops with 16GB of storage – a suggestion supported by The Verge ‘s own sources – to make sure they can receive updates, since these devices are usually still operating with the Windows version they came with due to a lack of space. Lucan said sources told him Microsoft is still working out the kinks of Windows 10 Lean.

Microsoft missed its deadline to release its Spring Creators Update to Windows 10 users last week, after discovering a ‘blocking bug’ the weekend before it was set to go live. But what Microsoft didn’t say at the time is that this bug would have caused millions of Windows 10 PCs to suffer the dreaded Blue Screen of Death BSOD had it gone ahead with the release of build As a result, Microsoft has taken the unusual step of releasing a new preview of Windows 10 to its Insiders ring — build – that it hopes has solved the issue, which appears to have been spotted by an Insider.

Build is likely to be the last version before the Spring Creators Update is released, according to The Verge. That means the update — which still doesn’t have an official name – should be available for download soon, but as always, Microsoft will likely release it in waves, so it could be some time before you can update your system. The latter is more likely to be the truth, according to reports, with Microsoft halting the launch of version due to a ‘blocking bug’ that means the code didn’t pass the company’s stringent testing process.

A blocking bug isn’t a specific issue, according to Windows Central , which first reported the alleged issue; it’s just a general problem that’s serious enough to affect a lot of users or can cause significant issues if it were to be installed on devices. The issue was reportedly uncovered over the weekend, so it’s likely Microsoft is already working on a patch.

Only being discovered this weekend did mean the update missed the Patch Tuesday rollout, which is when the company usually reveals its new iterations, so we may have to wait a few weeks until it’s ready to go again.

Once the patch has been implemented and tested, only then will Microsoft be happy to release the update into the wild and users will start to be alerted that it’s ready to be downloaded and installed. Although it’s perhaps not time to party just yet as, in usual Microsoft style, it’s likely the update will roll out in stages.

The rumoured launch date was revealed last month, in an end of life document for Windows 10 that revealed support for build The long-awaited Windows 10 Spring Creators update looks to introduce a fair few features that are focused on boosting productivity.

Near Share allows you to collaborate with others in a similar way to Apple’s AirDrop. You can share all types of content with others via Bluetooth, including contacts, files, and even URLs, straight from the Edge browser. Windows 10 will now look very different too, with Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. It’s more modern than the previous iteration of Windows 10, bringing it closer to Mac OS in many ways.

Timeline allows you to open any of the apps, files, and folders you had open last time you used your computer and carry on where you left off, even if you closed them down. A few apps will be supported from the outset, including Office. From a security point of view, the Spring Creators Update will introduce Windows Defender Application Guard that attempts to block malware gaining access to your network via the Edge browser.

It users container-based isolation to stop any threats infecting the entire network. Once it’s been formally announced the Windows 10 Spring Creators update is available to download, you can use the Update Assistant tool to see if it’s available to you. Just head to the Windows 10 Update Assistant , select “Update now”. If the build is ready for your device, it will start downloading and install, then your computer will restart a few times before you’re up and running.

Microsoft has been caught foisting Windows 10’s Edge browser on users, even if they have another option set as their default browser.

As part of a new feature in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build for users in the Skip Ahead ring, when users click any link within the Windows Mail app – which is the default email client that comes preinstalled on Windows 10 – it will automatically open in Microsoft Edge, regardless of whether or not it’s the system default.

Microsoft announced the change as part of a blog post , claiming that Edge “provides the best, most secure and consistent experience on Windows 10 and across your devices,” adding: “As always, we look forward to feedback from our WIP community.

This is not the first time that the company has engaged in aggressive promotional tactics in order to increase the adoption of its browser. When users enter ‘Chrome download’ or similar terms into Edge’s search bar which uses Bing as the default search engine they are greeted with a large banner at the top of their search results extolling the virtues of Edge and reminding them that it’s already installed on their PC.

Users trying to switch their PC’s default browser from Edge to an alternative via the settings menu are greeted with a similar message. Microsoft has landed itself in hot water over its behaviour regarding Windows’ built-in browsers in the past – the European Commission started investigating Microsoft for anti-competitive practices almost a decade ago over concerns that bundling Internet Explorer with Windows was an abuse of the company’s monopoly over the PC industry.

Windows Insiders are already using Microsoft’s Feedback Hub to complain vociferously about the change, accusing Microsoft of limiting their freedom of choice and locking them into its own apps. The news of a July release came as little surprise to Microsoft watchers, as the company had stated the release would come in summer , and AMD’s CEO Lisa Su tipped the world off to a July launch thanks to a slip of the tongue during an earnings call in April that year.

The RTM build was delivered to OEM partners to image new devices on 15 July, and another build is being delivered to retailers to upgrade unsold devices currently running Windows 8. The first end users to get the finished version of the product were the five million Windows 10 Insiders using the operating system in a preview.

Following that, Redmond began offering the upgrade to Windows 7, 8 and 8. One year after the initial launch of Windows 10, Microsoft rolled out the Anniversary Update, which introduced useful tweaks but was a little light on new features.

You can read our full review of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update here. System requirements for Windows 10 can be found here.

Windows 10 Home is the standard edition of Windows for consumer PCs, tablets and hybrids such as the Surface 3 and upcoming Surface Pro 4. Windows 10 Mobile, which had until now been known as Windows 10 for Phones, “is designed to deliver the best user experience on It has many of the same features as Windows 10 Home, although Continuum is only available on large mobile devices. Windows 10 Pro is aimed at small businesses and includes all the features of Windows 10 Home plus device and app management, data protection services, and support for remote and mobile working.

Microsoft is doing everything it can to ensure that Windows 10 retains its core market of enterprise users. One of the major shake-ups that Windows 10 has brought to the standard Windows formula is the system of regular, incremental updates, rather than large periodic overhauls although there are occasionally larger feature updates, like Anniversary Update. However, a constant series of rolling upgrades can be a huge headache for IT departments. In order to combat this, Microsoft has introduced Update for Business, which allows IT managers to fine-tune which devices and systems in their company receive Windows updates at which time.

The tool, which was announced at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in early May, allows the specification of maintenance windows in business environments, which can be used to designate when and when not to apply updates. This ensures that systems will be available at critical times and that machines can be unobtrusively kept up to date.

Microsoft has also addressed potential compatibility queries, stating that the new tools will fully integrate with existing management software like System Center and Enterprise Mobility Suite. Project A2 pronounced A-squared , a mobile-centric product that aims to speed up business adoption of Windows 10, has been developed by VMWare. In early September , Dell agreed to sell the Surface Pro range alongside its own tablet offerings, as Microsoft pushes the Windows running device at the enterprise, while other agreements with Avanade, HP and Accenture under a Surface Enterprise Initiative will push more Windows 10 devices to business users.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on 2 August , just a few days after the operating system’s first birthday. It features a number of tweaks and new features, such as Windows Ink and updates for Cortana and the Edge browser – you can read our full review here. The Anniversary Update was originally uncovered by Brad Sams of Neowin in April , at which time it was going under the codename “Redstone”, apparently in reference to the precious stone that features in Minecraft – the block-based game acquired by Microsoft in The August Anniversary Update was thought to be the first of two “Redstone” updates that would happen in , with the second one arriving in October.

However, rumour soon spread that the launch of the autumn update had been pushed back to spring This has seemingly been confirmed by Microsoft technology evangelist Nathan Mercer in a blog post , in which he promises two major feature updates next year, giving businesses time to adapt to the new OS and the features released in August before additional changes are made.

Having caused a great deal of upset by ditching the iconic Start menu with Windows 8, Microsoft has apparently realised it is best not to mess with a classic and reinstated it for Windows It is not an exact replica of the venerable Start menu that ran from Windows 95 to Windows 7, though. While the location of the button and search function both remain, Microsoft has also incorporated an element of the Windows 8 Start page into the new menu, bringing Live Tiles into the interface.

The Live Tiles appear alongside the traditional menu when a user clicks on the Start button. They are set to feature Skype, Weather, Mail and Store by default, but can be added to, swapped or even removed completely as desired. The background can also be customised, as can which system applications appear in the traditional section of the menu.

For those who actually preferred the Windows 8 Start screen interface, that is also available to launch from the Start menu. Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

Now, with Windows 10, she has been incorporated into the desktop both as a search function within the OS and in the new browser. A full review of Cortana can be found at our sister site, Alphr.

After 10 years as the default Windows browser, Internet Explorer has finally been retired, to be replaced by the new Microsoft Edge. However, in the end, Microsoft said it had opted for a name starting with “E” because of user familiarity with the “e” icon from Internet Explorer, meaning they would know at a glance what the icon in the taskbar represented. In feel and design, Edge is much more similar to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox than its predecessor. Indeed, it has a level of interoperability previously unseen in a Windows browser and can use Firefox and Chrome extensions natively, a feature that was introduced int eh Anniversary Update.

Other additions include the ability to annotate web pages and consult Cortana, not just for search, but also richer features like restaurant reviews or maps to a venue. She is also able to customise the information she presents based on data gathered about the user’s interests over time. Finally, there is the new tab layout, which will present suggested apps to download from the Windows Store, based on user interest and behaviour. It will offer varying degrees of detail ranging from plain icons through to headlines from media apps, and will also show news from regularly visited or subscribed sites, as well as a Bing search toolbar positioned at the very top.

Continuum is a new feature in Windows 10 designed to make the experience of using a hybrid device, such as the Dell XPS or Lenovo Yoga ranges, smoother. When docked or undocked from a keyboard, a pop-up will appear asking if the user wants to switch to or exit the full-screen “tablet mode”. This, once again, seems to be a response to criticism arising from Windows 8, where users complained the interface seemed more optimised for touch and was difficult to navigate using a keyboard and mouse.

Another new feature with Windows 10 is multiple desktops. While Windows has supported virtual desktops for some time, it was not natively accessible to users, who had to turn to third-party software. Now, however, it is available as an inbuilt feature through the Task View interface, which lets users add, remove and move between virtual desktops. Users can also move apps between desktops although currently there is no drag and drop option.

Instead, they have to right-click, select “move to” from the pop-up menu and then select the desktop they want the app to go to, or alternatively use the keyboard shortcuts listed in this blog post.

Microsoft has overhauled the Windows Store for Windows 10 to improve the experience for both customers and app developers alike by removing clutter and making it easier to search for and discover apps. An integral part of the Windows 10 Store is Universal Apps. As the name would suggest, these are apps that work on all devices from the smallest Windows 10 compatible phone to the gigantic Surface Hub. The idea of Universal Apps is to appeal to both developers and consumers.

For developers, it provides a single platform on which to create their app once and deploy it across multiple platforms. From a user standpoint, it means a smoother experience across all devices and, as everything is managed in the cloud, the app will be up to date no matter which device it is being used on, Microsoft has claimed.

Additionally, users only have to buy the app once for it to work on all devices, rather than one for the phone and one for the PC. At Mobile World Congress , Stephen Elop, who was then executive VP of Microsoft’s Devices and Services division, told delegates: “It is our hope that our cross-platform initiatives deliver not only across our platforms but those of others. Additionally, while not falling within the universal apps bracket, Microsoft announced developers will be able to port iOS and Android apps to Windows 10 , not just emulate them.

Microsoft has, however, reduced the number of devices any given app can be used on. Rather than the 81 installs allowed with Windows 8. As pointed out by Neowin: “While 10 devices do seem like a lot, if you consider that phones and even your Xbox could be counted towards your usage, it does feel a lot more restricted than simply thinking you have 10 PCs in your home”.

It could also cause problems for users who upgrade or refresh their PCs over the course of the 10 years Windows 10 will be supported and possibly beyond. Microsoft has said that Windows 10 should be compatible with all devices currently running Windows 8. While those using computers that run Windows 7 should theoretically be able to upgrade straight to Windows 10, some older computers have struggled to run the new OS, with one such case even resulting in a courtroom battle in June Microsofts outline of compatibility specifications can be found here.

Windows Holographic is a special variant of Windows 10 that allows any Windows universal app to run on a standalone augmented reality AR device in a context-aware way. This means it takes into account information coming from the AR unit’s additional sensors, such as depth camera or gyroscope when rendering display information.

As a matter of fact, I hope that in the not-the-so-distant future there will be many such devices. This has not happened yet, but in the meantime, it has been announced that Windows 10 will offer native support for two VR headsets – Oculus Rift from Facebook and Vive from Valve – as well as Valve’s Steam VR libraries. Solid details on how this will work have been scant, and it is not quite Kipman’s vision of dozens of holographic computers, but it does show there is interest in Windows 10’s AR and VR capabilities from big-name third-party suppliers.

While HoloLens itself has been pitched at least in part as an entertainment device, it also has practical business uses, particularly for those working in the fields of design, engineering and construction.

Nadella has made it clear that enterprise applications like these are one of HoloLens’ top priorities. As part of the device’s “five-year journey” , developers and commercial partners will be among the first to receive HoloLens units, with consumer applications coming as the technology evolves.

Microsoft has doubled down on security in its latest OS, with features like Windows Hello, which relies on biometric scanning for authentication, and Microsoft passport. At the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft promised “plenty of exciting new Windows 10 devices to choose from which will support Windows Hello”, and devices already equipped with a fingerprint scanner will also work with the technology.

This isn’t just a consumer feature or gimmick either, as, according to Microsoft: “Windows Hello offers enterprise-grade security that will meet the requirements of organisations with some of the strictest requirements and regulations.

Those with a Kinect v2 can set it up to log into Windows 10 by simply downloading the preview version of the Kinect for Windows driver and changing a registry setting. Full instructions can be found on Channel 9. Other apps are also updating to include support for Windows Hello, with iHeartRadio finally releasing a Windows 10 Mobile version of its music app.

The system allows IT managers, software developers and website authors to provide what Microsoft claims is a “more secure way of letting [users] sign-in to Once authenticated with ‘Passport’, you will be able to instantly access a growing set of websites and services across a range of industries – favourite commerce sites, email and social networking services, financial institutions, business networks and more,” he added. While Passport was a separate service at the launch of Windows 10, as of 2 August , it is now simply part of Hello.

In early August , Microsoft came under fire over privacy issues in the newly released OS. Reports claim some of the default settings are a tad intrusive – some have claimed Microsoft is spying on users – as they pass information back to the tech giant or share sensitive data with other users.

In particular, users are unhappy about behavioural targeting in ads embedded in Windows As with many settings likely to irk users, they can be turned off, but many felt that was not good enough and called on Microsoft to be more transparent about the implications of the default settings and, perhaps more importantly, how to disable them.

Windows 10 users also faced security issues of a different nature as scam emails started to surface purporting to offer a free upgrade when, in fact, they contain ransomware.

Said ransomware does what it says on the tin, locking all the machine’s data and holding it hostage until payment is made for its release. Elsewhere, torrent trackers started banning Windows 10 from their communities in late August because of fears the OS will report people’s illegal download histories to anti-piracy authorities. A clause in Microsoft’s Service Agreement read that Windows 10 “may automatically check your version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices”.

But while this condition covers a multitude of Microsoft products, torrent hosts are not taking any chances, with reports of some banning the OS for fears it will share user data with authorities. One torrent tracker, iTS, announced its ban of Windows 10 on Reddit , claiming the OS sends users’ local disk content to a server belonging to anti-piracy outfit MarkMonitor.

Windows 10 was available as a free upgrade for the first year after its launch, but now users must pay a licensing fee. Windows 10 Enterprise, including its E3 and E5 variants, Education and Mobile Enterprise are available through resellers and partners. Windows 10 is, in the words of Microsoft, the last version of Windows. While this doesn’t mean there will be no new Windows releases at all, the new strategy will see Microsoft drop the massive overhauls traditionally seen between releases.

Instead, the company will move to a more Apple-style focus on incremental iterations of and improvements to the existing OS. Speaking at the company’s inaugural Ignite conference in May , Microsoft development executive Jerry Nixon gave the rather tortuous explanation that: “Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows If you want to get the new operating system as soon as possible, check out our sister site Expert Reviews and their guide on how to clean install Windows Microsoft claims the preview should work on any system that comfortably runs Windows 8.

Windows 7 users should check the specifications of their machine against the published Windows 10 requirements before upgrading. The details were provided in an end of life document for Windows 10 iterations, which highlighted Microsoft would terminate support for the Spring Creators update in October , which is the standard month grace period Microsoft offers.

The company will probably extend this by six months later down the line as it has done with past updates, but that’s not really anything to write home about.

However, there is a disclaimer in the Microsoft Developer blog post that unveiled the release dates, saying they could be subject to change – although we’d say with a roll-out so close, it’s unlikely Microsoft would be late on this particular launch.

Although the blog post didn’t unveil any more insights about the features we can expect to see in the next Windows 10 update, it’s likely to stick to the more creative users if the Fall Creators update and Creators update are anything to go by.

The same blog post also highlights that end of support is fast approaching for build Support for the first Redstone version of Windows 10, build As with Threshold, LTSB customers have a longer grace period, with support for that track ending in The update means developers can build apps on the platform using its Microsoft Artificial Intelligence AI to create more immersive experiences for customers.

Microsoft has assured developers its machine learning platform will offer low latency, so even those applications that require the processing of large files such as video can happen in real time.

It can achieve lower operational costs when used alongside Microsoft’s Cloud AI platform and offers cloud flexibility – developers can choose to perform the AI tasks on either device or using the cloud. A new Skyloft environment has been added to the Cliff House environment, while haptic feedback on Motion Controllers for SteamVR will make games more immersive. Users are able to take Mixed Reality photos by tapping the Windows button on the controller, followed by the trigger button, making it much simpler to take snaps.

Microsoft will replace Windows 10 S with a dedicated ‘S Mode’ for other Windows 10 operating systems in , rather than continuing it as an OS in its own right. IT admins can lock down the standard Home, Enterprise, and Pro versions of its platform using S Mode, cutting out the ability to download apps from outside the Microsoft Store.

Users will also be able to buy hardware with the cut-down S Mode installed rather than having to buy devices with the full version of Windows 10 preinstalled. Next year 10S will be a “mode” of existing versions, not a distinct version. That tweet prompted a number of questions from customers, including whether rumours were true that users would be forced to pay to unlock their new devices from the S Mode in favour of a full version.

Redmond later clarified its position in a blog post , admitting that it could have been clearer on its plans for Windows 10 S, adding that it would be simplifying the process with the next Windows 10 update. For those customers who decide they want to then upgrade from the S Mode to a full version of Windows 10, they can do so free of charge, regardless of whether they’re running Home or Pro versions, according to the post.

Albuquerque resident Frank Dickman claims a forced Windows 10 upgrade resulted in his laptop becoming unresponsive, and is now seeking damages from both Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella – or a fresh copy of Windows 7. The upgrade deleted the cached, or backup, version of Windows 7. Dickman said he wants to downgrade his machine from Windows 10 to 7, but as the files have been deleted, he’s unable to source a legitimate version of the software.

The complaint, which has been archived by Bleeping Computer , argues that the forced upgrade of Dickman’s machine constituted a breach of his 14th Amendment Civil Rights, and that Microsoft should provide a replacement software code or face damages.

It’s unclear whether Dickman’s case is likely to go any further, particularly given the amount he has demand from Microsoft. It seems that Microsoft may have accidentally let those slip, as a limitations sheet appeared online last Thursday only to be taken down by Microsoft over the weekend.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of archive. Although some of the limitations were already known, the document detailed a more restrictive experience than customers may have been expecting.

We knew that ARM machines would only be able to use bit apps, not bit ones, but it also appears that the Hypervisor platform isn’t supported, meaning that it will be impossible to run Hyper-V virtual environments. What’s more, applications that assume that all ARM-based devices are running the mobile version of Windows 10 may not work correctly and will likely display the incorrect orientation, suggesting some tweaks will be needed when developing applications.

The document also suggests that tools which modify the appearance of Windows 10, such as extensions and cloud storage apps, won’t be supported unless they’re native to the operating system. Customised elements, such as an icon or additional options in a right-click menu, are likely to fail on ARM-machines, and “if the failure is not handled gracefully, the app itself may not work at all”, according to the document. While the ARM-based Windows experience is going to be more restrictive than you’d expect, most bit applications should run using Microsoft’s emulator, and if the all-day battery holds up, it might be worth the trade-off for users.

The tech giant confirmed that starting this summer the premium security feature of Windows 10 will also be available on Microsoft’s older models. Microsoft said they are constructing a behavioural based EDR solution which will provide security teams with insights into how their endpoints are threatened. This will be a welcome relief for many companies who have not upgraded their systems from Windows 7 – which is expiring essentially in – to Windows 10, which has been a firm desire on the part of Microsoft.

This, however, is a recognition that Windows 7 despite its age remains a profitable source for the tech company – and indeed it has a higher market share than Windows Microsoft has explained that though the ATP Support can run alongside third-party systems – other antivirus systems – they are better together with the Windows Defender Antivirus. Defender ATP works differently to Windows Defender, which is embedded in older models, in that it works as a post-breach investigation detects threats that have bypassed other defences and allows users to investigate breaches and explore suggested responses.

In its latest Insider Preview update Build for PC , the tech giant has given users the option to unlock the security-focused Windows feature through an Authenticator App you can install on your phone. All you need to do is set up Windows Hello with the app, and you won’t see Password as a sign-in option anymore anywhere in the platform’s interface. With Windows 10 S you don’t have to! Their post said that users will be able to go through the out-of-box experience, set up Windows Hello and access all their usual apps and services, all without ever having to enter a password.

The feature isn’t available through normal versions of Windows just yet, but the update might just pave the way for future widespread rollouts. Microsoft is reportedly due to drop Windows 10 S as a separate operating system less than a year after its launch. Instead, the streamlined feature set of 10 S will be replicated inside a new ‘S Mode’ that will be embedded within Windows 10 Home, Enterprise and Pro operating systems, according to reports.

The news broke after a ‘quest’ set by Microsoft for Windows 10 Insiders made a reference to converting a PC to S Mode – first spotted by Neowin last week – suggesting 10 S’s days as a standalone operating system are numbered. Windows 10 S was launched last May as a restricted operating system designed to compete with Google’s Chrome OS in the education sector, and only allows users to download Microsoft Store apps.

When IT Pro asked Microsoft for comment, a spokesperson simply said the company will share news about the future of 10 S “when we’re ready”. Although in the preview versions of the operating systems clicking on these options doesn’t do anything, it’s thought that once the feature rolls out on general release you’ll be able to see details of the information Microsoft is collecting, while the second option will remove the data completely from the device. What’s not clear is how much data will be removed and whether the data is sent to Microsoft first.

Will the data be removed from both the device and Microsoft’s servers using this button or just locally? The options are present in the December and January Windows 10 Insider Builds and probably won’t be rolled out to the live version of Windows 10 for some time.

However, it certainly shows steps Microsoft is making to appease privacy campaigners who don’t believe Microsoft should be able to view how people are using its operating system. Manufacturers Lenovo, HP, Acer and Asus are all preparing to integrate Amazon’s voice assistant on laptops and desktops they release this year running Windows 10, according to The Verge.

An app will be created this spring to let users bypass Windows 10’s own Cortana assistant and use Amazon’s instead, giving them access to information they could search for via Alexa on its mobile web interface and mobile apps, the publication claimed. The news follows Amazon’s decision to bring Alexa into the workplace , with a stated goal of making voice the default method of communicating with devices and backend IT infrastructure.

It’s a natural way of interacting with your systems. It will also mean that you’re going to build your backend systems with them. The firms missed an agreed deadline of the end of to make this happen, but say it’ll occur at some point this year. The nine-year-old OS runs on In comparison, Windows 10 runs on just Its market share actually dipped between September and October, and remained largely flat between May and August, with Windows 7 users clearly proving an obstacle for Microsoft by failing to upgrade.

With Windows 7 in extended support until January , Redmond’s latest OS may have to wait to claim the top spot – even Windows XP, which fell out of support in , still clung on to market share for months afterwards, despite Microsoft not issuing any security updates for it. Although no one at Microsoft has confirmed what it could include, MS Power User has speculated it will have similar functionality to Amazon Alexa skills , which allows third-party developers to create apps for the voice assistant without native support.

This would certainly seemingly be the case, with third-party apps including Zomato onboard, allowing US users to order food using Cortana, while Runtastic is also pictured for tracking fitness. Spotify is another of the highlighted apps, presumably allowing Notebook users to stream music using the Cortana personal assistant.

Of course, this latter option can be used alongside Cortana’s own music streaming service too, giving users the choice whether to use the Microsoft service or a third party music service instead. This includes not just ensuring their security software and system firmware are regularly updated, but also making sure their hardware is as up to date as it can be. Microsoft also said any system should support bit architecture to make sure users can take advantage of virtualisation-based security VBS features, which requires the Windows hypervisor to work and must have a Trusted Platform Module TPM , version 2.

Other requirements set out by Microsoft include implementing cryptographically verified platform boot, with 8GB or more of system RAM. Windows security features are enabled when you meet or exceed these standards and your device is able to provide a highly secure experience.

Microsoft has quietly announced it will be ending free Windows upgrades for assistive technologies users come the end of the year, after saying it would not be available to everyone forever when it was first announced.

The assistive technologies page has been upgraded to say: “If you use assistive technologies, you can upgrade to Windows 10 at no cost as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies Please take advantage of this offer before it expires on December 31, However, it’s not clear whether Microsoft will stop this route to free Windows 10 upgrades from working at the end of the year as well.

Microsoft has revealed more details about the rollout of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, explaining in a blog post when it will arrive for your computer, smartphone and other devices.

Anyone can download and install the update already, after its formal release last week, but it’s only being pushed out to devices that have been already tested by Microsoft. Microsoft will decide which devices to update next based on feedback from manufacturers as well as end-user testers, via Windows Insiders and Windows Insider for Business. Cable advised businesses to follow Microsoft’s lead and rollout in phases.

Microsoft has confirmed that the battery life of laptops running Windows 10 ARM will be “really, really good. Although, the man making the statement – Pete Bernard, principal group programme manager at Microsoft -said that he didn’t have the final statistics, as reported by Trusted Reviews at Qualcomm’s annual 5G Summit.

It’s the kind of battery life where I use it on a daily basis. I don’t take my charger with me. I may charge it every couple of days or so. It’s that kind of battery life. Bernard added: “I would consider it a game-changer in terms of the way people have experienced PCs in the past. The new devices were announced last December and will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset. Qualcomm’s Don McGuire, vice president of global product marketing, confirmed that the companies were still on target for their release date of December He hinted: “I think that expectation will be met.

You’ll be hearing more from us over the next coming weeks regarding that. Furthermore, Microsoft revealed it was testing the laptops at its headquarters. Bernard said: “We’ve been on this journey for almost a year. We’ve been working furiously in Redmond and with our partners in San Diego.

Moreover, he suggested that more partners will produce the device, aside from Asus, HP and Lenovo. We’ve had some conversations with other OEMs too, for future devices, that are very exciting about bringing their own spin,” said Bernard. Lastly, McGuire also talked about the Windows 10 Snapdragon programme: “We are starting with [the Snapdragon] , and I think what you’ll see from us as we roll out our next-generation platforms, we’ll be rolling those out strategically You’ll see an evolution of different tiers of devices,” he continued.

He also said that Windows 10 laptops will not be retrofitted with existing Qualcomm chips unless it was the Snapdragon “As far as backward, we’re not going to look backward. It will be the first time a Windows machine is capable of accessing gigabit wireless connections since the Snapdragon processor supports X16 LTE modems.

Microsoft started rolling out its latest Windows 10 update to users today, who will get in a staggered release schedule to accommodate the million devices running the operating system. Calling it a “measured, deliberate” rollout, Microsoft said it wants to ensure everybody’s upgrade goes smoothly, but it means that many people will have to wait a while for the update.

A spokesperson told the Daily Express that devices already running the Creators Update – released back in April in a similarly staggered way – will get the Fall update first, before Microsoft targets machines running older updates, like the August Anniversary Update.

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WINDOWS 10/LTSB/LTSC INSTALLATION AND ACTIVATION. Note: Some people may recommend buying cheap keys elsewhere. This is not recommended, as these are grey-market keys, gathered from MSDN channels, each key sold multiple times (extra reading).You’re not buying directly from MS so you’re not buying a license, you’re just buying a key and living on the promise that MS won’t discover . Windows 10 Product Key Free Download (32/64 bit) In a case when you upgraded your PC from Windows 7, 8, to Windows 10 from a genuine copy then your license will not tie to your Microsoft account, but it will with the hardware you upgrade on. Jun 27,  · To install Microsoft Store on Windows 10 LTSC or LTSB editions, download this Microsoft Store installer and then extract it on your desktop: “ Download LTSC Microsoft Store Installer or Download LTSB Microsoft Installer “. Extract the archive, then open up the folder until you see the Open up start menu, look for developer.