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[Fixed] – Sketchup keeps Crashing – Pro – SketchUp Community.Why is SketchUp for Windows Crashing on Start?

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Sketchup Pro crashes before startup – SketchUp – SketchUp Community.

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If the crashing continues, you may need to do a bit more work. If you’re using a docking station or external monitor, that might be the cause for SketchUp to use the wrong card. If there is something in between like a dock with video capabilities or if the monitor is connected to the lesser of two video cards, it may crash.

For your laptop, you’ll want to see if it has two video outputs available and avoid the dock. Most docking stations do not have the ability to “make calls” to the GPU higher end video card fast enough, and it crashes the software.

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Use Task Manager to ave a look at memory use in the period between starting SU and getting the bugsplat to see if this might be happening for you. I looked over one of the bugsplats with a QA engineer, and at the time of the crash bugsplat was still waiting to get information from a file, to then know what was going on at the time.

That never completes, suggesting there are files that cannot be read. Which would point at a general Windows file permission issue. The engineer suggested using process explorer to watch what file errors are happening while SketchUp is running. John Well in my case I see no run away memory usage. Main memory was at 4. The memory used for the SU process itself did not change during its run time. Glad to hear that – because it can be difficult to fix. Well, in my latest Bug Splat I recorded that the crash happened again, while PC had just rebooted, and the SU process had just opened an empty model file and sat idle for about 3 minutes.

Still searching for an answer here…this is definitely wierd. The SU window can be in the foreground active window , or in the background while I do something in Chrome or Excel.

The crash occurs with my model, but also with a blank file created at startup. I have run Sketchup Checkup and it passes. Thank You, …Patrick. Having admin rights is not the same as choosing Run as administrator. Dave Well, I ran the uninstall before I saw your 2nd message, and then did run the installer with the RunAs Admin like you suggested.


Sketchup Pro crashing constantly – SketchUp – SketchUp Community.

May 25,  · Sometimes, SketchUp will default to a lesser quality card of the two options, which subsequently causes SketchUp to crash. To begin, navigate to the NVIDIA Control Panel, as seen below, by right-clicking on your desktop: Then, select Manage 3D Settings under the 3D Settings Tab. Next, click Program Settings and select SketchUp from the drop down menu. It . Jun 02,  · Answer. We’ve seen behavior in SketchUp Pro where it will install and then crash on launch if your video card/drivers can’t handle SketchUp. Please check our hardware requirements. We have also seen issues with some plugins causing SketchUp to crash on launch. Please remove all plugins to make sure they aren’t causing SketchUp to crash. Mar 18,  · I managed to narrow the problem down to that particular group. It’s possible to go into the group, draw something new, delete the old stuff, and still the crash when copying happens. If you select the rest of the model and delete that, the crash doesn’t happen. Trying a move/copy also crashes.


Sketchup pro 2019 crashes on startup free

Report back If you’re using a docking station or external monitor, that might be the cause for SketchUp to use the wrong card.