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Samplitude pro x3 suite handbuch free.Magix Samplitude Pro X3

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Samplitude pro x3 suite handbuch free. Technical Support

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Samplitude Pro X7: Music Production for Audio Pros.

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Before I do, here are my notes — the outline thus far. I would appreciate any suggestions for improvements to these before I commit this all to a video format!

We will check that later, but having it checked as you are setting up a new controller can mess up all of your efforts to do so. Now, back at the Basic Settings page, select its input and output if it can react to messages sent to it and use Save As to give this setup a name. All done here. Arturia Keylab series would use 9. Now to the Customize Controllers page.

You can check that box now, and then close the Hardware Controllers dialog for the time being, as we will be first working with the Mixer. You can still access it here in this menu to un-check Hardware Controller Easy Learn in order to terminate the selection and the controller adding process.

With Hardware Controllers Easy Learn checked, you move the screen item you want controlled first, then move the physical controller, and in a few seconds turning the knob or moving the slider will work to move the screen item. Now enter the Customize Controllers page and you will see in the Easy Learn column on the right all of the assignments that actually worked.

Usually the mis-identified ones are sliders or knobs mis-identified as buttons. Synchronize with Active Track: If the active track is changed, the controller area will be adjusted so that the active track is within the controller area.

Synchronize with Mixer: If a change is made to the controller area, the beginning of the mixer area will be adjusted according to the beginning of the controller area. True in both Pro X2 and Pro X3. One needs to fix that right away for them to be useful, of course, but at least this IS mentioned in the manuals.

I just discovered that this same approach is what is necessary to make the Transport buttons work on a Native Instruments NI S-Series Komplete Kontrol controller as well. Thank you for this. Much appreciated. Like I mention in the article, there is no mention in the manual at least at the time I wrote that of the check box at all, and that manual is likely mostly info from Pro X2. After I set up Sam with my Akai MPK to you instructions and saving, after closing a file and reopening it later, the controller does not work.

Can you advise as to what I may or may not be doing that is causing this ongoing problem? I am not sure. Just a question — did you update to the latest version of Pro X4 already? The updated version is the one I will be examining.

Hi, Yes I have the updated version of Samplitude X4. I now have the full version of Pro X4 and will make a serious effort to test out the controllers this weekend if not later on today.

Thank you. I appreciate your time and effort in helping me with solving this kind of ridiculous problem. Why Akai would have problems with mapping Samplitude Pro X4 is beyond comprehension. It would appear that either my browser needs to be refreshed or the mapping of the Akai MPK is more problematic than anticipated.

Nevertheless, I shall check back from time to time to see if there was any answer or progress finding a solution. I will post here when it is done. However, I am having no problems that are out of the ordinary with doing the assignments beyond the oft-encountered misreading of controllers by Samplitude during auto-learn — Sliders mistaken as knobs, knobs mistaken to be switches, etc.

Easily fixed if you know to look for it by right-clicking on the item and selecting the correct type. Anyway, I believe all your problems are arising from such things, not from any incompatibility with the MPK we are only talking about simple CC numbers here, not complicated SYSEX messages after all.

Hold tight. I do not have auto-approve of comments turned on, so I need to have checked my email to notice that you have replied. That is what is causing the delay. I had to do that because I was receiving a lot of spam comments.

I understand. Trust me, I was actually giving you the benefit of the doubt. I can imagine how swamped you probably are with your work. Thank you for your time in looking into this problem. I really do appreciate it. I will give you all my patience with this problem. No pressure Terry. Thanks again.

Everything is back up and running. The only control that continues to work are the sliders on the Samplitude mixer. Any transport controls are non-workable. However, it appears you have included x4 with your tutorial.

I shall work with it and see if I can install any changes to my advantage. First off, thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to those of us that require professional instructions and help. I thought it would be on the same principle as the sliders and knobs but apparently not. Any insight or suggestions? I did have the transport working once, if I recall correctly. Sorry I have not uploaded the video — I had a first take done that needed some changes a second take as I used the wrong recording mode so the video did not show the drop-down menus, but then slipped and fell, twisting my back badly and pinching a nerve in the spine, and have not been able to sit in the studio or anywhere!

As soon as that is healing I will get back to it. Sorry to here. Hope you recover soon. Thanks again for all your help and hard work. Get well soon! Hello, your guide help me out with the midimix and samplitude. And sorry for your lost and I hope all is well, I have some questions maybe you could help me out?

Slots refer to items in the tracks, particularly in the mixer strips. Some of the Samplitude plugins have midi-learn buttons in the very bottom-left corner, but not all of them do. Glad to see you got the button to work! Did you see the note I made regarding the three types of buttons you can assign to one switch? Ok, I see how the button thing works, first, I make it learn the button, then assign it once it learned.

For now. I am curious to know if you made the videos in the meantime? If so, where could I find them? I got quite ill with the flu right after saying that, and right upon getting well again, got a new apartment I had been on the waiting list for, and have been moving all month.

Glad you are feeling better. Would it be possible or helpful for you to let me have your saved QX49 setup file if you still have it? Is it working for ANY of your controllers? I wish you could make me a video showing what you are doing so I perhaps could spot what is missing in your procedure. I did get over the flu some months ago now, but only just finished moving. I hope to get back to making music and videos about making music soon. Eso no tiene nada que ver con Samplitude.

English: That should be built-in. A sustain pedal typically sends controller 64, with a value of zero being no sustain and a value of being sustain. That has nothing to do with Samplitude. That way, you can check your keyboard that it is sending anything at all. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Lastly for this video. This part I am not entirely clear about:. Here are the Word. October 26, Music Creating Tech. Regarding the A-Pro, have you worked out a way to control more than 8 tracks? Thank you for your help. Sounds nice, much appreciate you taking the time to look into this.

Totally understand. Sorry for your loss. Offer my condolences. Yes, I have.