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Our Journey to Create

The World’s Strongest
Portable Structure

Motley Crew of Outdoor Enthusiasts

iDOME Shelters is the brainchild of a motley crew of outdoor enthusiasts from Laguna Beach, California. As veteran adventurists, our love of the outdoors is endless, but our days of cramped uncomfortable camping are long over.

We grew tired of small flimsy tents that would break during set-up or blow away in the wind, and we were finished being frustrated by lost parts, time-consuming setups, and daily discomfort… Our list of demands was long: we sought something sturdy, spacious, and completely customizable; a relaxing retreat where we can stand upright, feel safe and sleep soundly.

Make No Mistake, This is Not a Tent. It’s a Shelter. And it’s a Game-changer.

We Wanted the Ability

To hang hammocks and supplies off the ground without worry. We desired a versatile, dependable base camp that could protect us from passing weather at the same time feel like home. The result is our proprietary weight-bearing frame – made of aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel. The geodesic dome offers 91sqft of floor space and a towering 8’2” ceiling.

In fact, our sturdy, fully portable, customizable structures have the potential to be a cost-effective solution to far bigger problems — ones we look forward to tackling.

Our long-term goal is to provide shelters to anyone displaced by humanitarian hardship. After all, everyone deserves to be in comfort, off the ground, in a dignified sanctuary.

The Man behind the dome

Buckminster Fuller

Hailed as “one of the greatest minds of our times” R. Buckminster Fuller was renowned for his comprehensive perspective on the world’s problems. Fuller saw tension and compression as being complementary forces that could be balanced advantageously to create strong yet light and flexible structures. Bucky used the word "tensegrity" to describe a structure, like The iDOME; whose form relies on the principles of compression and tension.

iDOME SHELTERS owes a tremendous gratitude towards Bucky for his beautiful mind and his worldly vison. Ultimately every iDOME we sell pays tribute the man himself…

R. Buckminster Fuller

All hail…
The Dome Man

A Shift in how we Shelter


The campaign that started it all

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“The iDOME was a game changer for us, especially during quarantine. It’s really easy to set up and so sturdy that we left it up for weeks in our backyard. Our kids spent hours every day reading books and hanging out in the hammocks. A true must have for outdoorsy families.”We love iDOME!"

The Evans FamilyLaguna Beach, California

Meet The Founder

Darren "Dagwood" Madrigal

Born and raised in Southern California, Darren moved to Laguna Beach in 1973, where he found a deep love for surfing, the ocean and the great outdoors. Darren has spent the past 30 years of his life as a sales rep and designer in the Action Sports Industry. As an active surfer, snowboarder, skater, mountain biker and outdoorsmen, Darren understands the importance of making quality products for the things we like to do.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

iDOME Shelters comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Our products are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials, under normal use, to original owner for the useful life of the product.

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