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The iDOME is Portable Dependable Comforting Safe Weight-Bearing Easy to Set Up

The iDOME is

PORTABLE: The iDOME frame easily packs into a portable one-person carry bag.

DEPENDABLE: Our patented frame design is weight-bearing and can withstand winds up to 65 mph.

DURABLE: Built with steel, aluminum, carbon fiber parts and weatherproof materials, the iDOME Shelter is extremely durable.

COMFORTING: The size and shape of the iDOME Shelter is designed to lower stress and provide comfort.

SAFE: Because we use durable dependable materials, you can feel safe inside the iDOME Shelter.

WEIGHT-BEARING: The iDOME Shelter holds up to 1000lbs of weight. Based on the principles of Tensegrity – The more weight you put on the frame, the more stable the frame becomes.

EASY TO SET UP: Our patented frame is fully connected, there are no parts to assemble, and it sets up in minutes.