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The iDOME is Portable Dependable Comforting Safe Weight-Bearing Easy to Set Up

The Frame that
Changed the Game

Our proprietary “weight-bearing” frame is designed specifically to hold hammocks and all your gear off the ground. With no parts to assemble, the set-up takes only minutes. Made of aluminum, carbon fiber and steel parts, the iDOME Shelter is built to last.

Enough Room for Everything

The iDOME +

Sets Up in Minutes

The step-by-step set-up is quick and easy. Each dome has 91sq.ft of floor space, 527cu.ft of interior space and a towering 8’2” ceiling.Ideal for the beach, the park or anywhere you want - just pick your spot and hang(out).

Safe, Secure, Tough

Based on the structural principle of tensegrity, the iDOME SHELTER is designed to hold weight. In fact, the more weight you place on the frame, the more stable it becomes.

"The iDOME CAMP was a sturdy sanctuary for our family amid the rugged surroundings on our Baja Adventure. The kids (and adults alike) spent hours literally swinging in the hammocks and taking in the views. We felt protected from the wind and the sun for the entire trip. The iDOME SHELTER is superbly solid!"

Erin Kennedy

Limited Lifetime Warranty

iDOME Shelters comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Our products are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials, under normal use, to original owner for the useful life of the product.

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