iDOME Camp

Sturdy, Safe, Secure

The iDOME CAMP 2.0 is a unique and innovative shelter solution that offers a variety of benefits over traditional tents. Made with quality materials, the iDOME Camp is designed to handle high winds and withstand harsh weather conditions. The geodesic dome shape provides more living space and headroom, making it more comfortable than traditional tents.


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Features (Camping Covers)

Side Walls 600D Poly (Water-Resistant)
PVC Floor (Heavy-Duty)
Rain Fly Canopy 600D Poly (Water-Resistant)
Mesh Top Ventilation & Stargazing

Front Door Splash Proof Zipper
Big Windows Splash Proof Zippers
Big Storage Pockets

Features (Frame)

Aluminum Frame
No Parts to Assemble
Sets up in Minutes
Holds 1000lbs of Weight
Multiple Power Points to Hang Stuff

Holds Hammocks, Gear & Supplies off the ground
Floor Space 91 Square Feet
Interior Space 527 Cubic Feet
Ceiling Height 8ft
Patented Technology

Bonus Items

Extra Blue Canopy
Big Steel Stakes
Frame Straps

PVC Frame Bag
PVC Camp Bag
Dome Stick


Rain Fly/Beach Canopy

water resistant 600d Poly

Star Gazer Mesh Top

no-see-ums mesh top w/600d Poly facia

Floor Space

91 square feet/8.5 square meters

Interior Space

527 cubic feet/49 cubic meters

Dome Stick

aluminum tube/33in long x 1in od/84cm X 2.54cm

Side Wall Features

flame proof/water-resistant/durable 600d poly

PVC Floor

heavy duty/waterproof/pvc floor

PVC Floor Diameter

11 feet/3.5 meters

PVC Floor Space

91 square feet/8.5 square meters

Frame Weight-Bearing Capacity

1000 pounds/454 kilograms

Frame Ceiling Height

8.0 feet/2.5 meters

Frame Door Height

5.3 feet/1.5 meters

Frame Weight

41 pounds/18.5 kilograms

Red Star Joint

11gauge steel/powder coated

Ronstan V-Cleat

carbon fiber anchor system

Power Band Steal Cable

nylon coated 7x19 (steel strand core)
tensile strength = 800lbs/363kg

Anchor Point Rope

1/4” (6.0mm) tensile strength = 1,650lbs/749kg

Big Steel Stakes

18in long x 1/2in thick/45cm long x 1.27cm thick

Bonus Blue Top

260g poly-cotton ripstop w/ twist locks